A time-series of my LinkedIn profile summary — Read along, find inspiration.

Sphoorthi Gaddam
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Writing a LinkedIn profile summary was never on my priority list till Oct 2020. Leave alone that 2000 worded open-ended space on LinkedIn, telling two lines about myself was a total nightmare. After putting it off for a couple of weeks, one magical Saturday morning, I wrote that summary in one go. Since then, there has been an exponential increase in my profile reach, made numerous authentic connections, and many recruiters from desired companies reached out. It made me own my story with confidence and without hesitation.

With time we evolve, our stories change and get interesting. So, I am here compiling revisions of my LinkedIn profile summary. This thread allows me to look back and read my journey. You are welcome to use these stories as a framework to tell your own story on LinkedIn. Your story is unique and authentic to you; own it and be proud of it.

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Oct 2020 to June–2021

Hello there 👋🏽
Let me introduce you to me and my story,

I am the first person to graduate and obtain a Master’s degree in the USA from my Paternal extended family.

Yes, that is the biggest win and turning phase in my life.
My love for education grew by seeing my dad’s passion for education. He encouraged me and made sure that I get all the support to pursue my higher education.

Back in 2018, when I had weight issues and decided to get into a fit lifestyle, I thought of quitting it a tonne of times and grab my pizza to-go for the night. But, despite the cravings, silent cries in the gym changing room, I kept going, and now I have coded fitness into my lifestyle and aspire to become a fitness trainer one day. I’m that person. When I decide to complete something, I will make it happen.

In 2017, When I started my career as a Software Engineer at Ford, being the youngest and junior on the team, I learned and grew with the project I was working on, and it was my first and biggest successful launch in my career.

I am a detail-oriented, responsible, and committed engineer, and I take pride in my get-it-done with a high-quality product spirit. I love defining requirements, designing, testing, and delivering backend applications.

My current work focuses on building microservices using Java and SpringBoot. I am still learning front-end technologies and Javascript libraries to explore the front-end and potentially turn into a Full Stack developer.

I am very passionate about being a Women in Tech Advocate and being a part of WIT communities.
I have a passion for writing blogs on tech content and Work-life balance — this is currently on hold due to career and personal priorities.

Other places You can find me are Clubhouse (sphoorthigaddam)
I will be in rooms (on Fridays and during Lunch mostly) about Women In Tech, International Students, Software Engineers, Career Clubs, Fitness.

If you are interested in having a chat about my work, experience, and passion or
If you have any conferences or events, I can attend and network.
Send a message, and get in touch.

Till Oct-2020 🤯

Positive Thinking
Open to any challenging work
Adaptability to changes and manage multiple tasks and flexible
Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills



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